Choosing a proper colour scheme for your interior is the first & most basic step that needs to be taken to create a beautiful space. Friends Interior Arc specializes in choosing & recommending colour schemes that complement your personality while being ideal for the given space.


In today’s day & age saving space is the key to a smart interior. Friends Interior Arc helps you achieve this by designing your spaces to make maximum use of space. We take functionality & efficient use of space very seriously. When we design your space we will ensure that it is practical while being aesthetically beautiful.


Friends Interior Arc specializes in providing customized furniture layouts to suit your space. We strive to provide an interior layout for your furniture in an ergonomically & aesthetically pleasing manner. We also design unique, one of a kind furniture items that are made especially for your space.


The finishes & accessories of an interior can help make or break a space. Finishes include colours, curtains, flooring & all other surface materials; By carefully choosing these & placing accessories such as vases, lamps, cushions etc. the entire atmosphere within a room can be changed. Friends Interior Arc helps you do this by carefully considering the use, atmosphere & purpose of your space helping you create the look & feel you want.


Once the design of your dream space is done, Friends Interior Arc works to help you create the space. We take up the project management & implementation of the design, working with vendors & contractors to take the design from paper to reality. In this way we save you from the hassle of working with a group of contractors by undertaking & overseeing the work accordingly.