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Design Your Dream Bedroom!

If you are anything like us your bedroom is your favourite place to be. It’s your private sanctuary; a place you can think in, relax in & be yourself. Your bedroom is the most private and personal room in your home. This means your bedroom decor can be as wild,…
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Colour in Interiors

Colours can make or break the atmosphere of any room. Chosen wisely colour can make any space look inviting & aesthetically pleasing in no time. In general as visual beings humans are greatly affected by colour; with certain colours creating different moods & feelings within us. Each colour has its…

Hiring an Interior Designer

Since we are Interior Designers, it’s only natural that our first post is going to be about Hiring an Interior Designer. Yes, our blog will teach you about many ways in which you yourself can create better spaces, but there will be times when hiring a designer will be the…

Friends Interior Arc

Who are we? We are two friends, who met at the beginning of university & went on to become work partners, study partners & finally business partners. Together we worked pretty hard to achieve a personal & professional milestones; passing out at the top of our class with a B.A.…

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