If you are anything like us your bedroom is your favourite place to be. It’s your private sanctuary; a place you can think in, relax in & be yourself. Your bedroom is the most private and personal room in your home. This means your bedroom decor can be as wild, wonderful or elegant as you like. It’s a chance to really reflect your individual style and create a look you absolutely love! Designing your bedroom to suit your personality & taste might seem like a daunting task, but the truth is it’s not! With a few simple changes & some DIY work you can create your dream bedroom with ease!
Take a look at this gallery & you are sure to be inspired. These bedrooms have been designed to make the best use of space while maintaining aesthetical beauty & individual tastes. Whether you love rustic interiors, antique rooms or sleek modern bedrooms you are sure to find a bedroom that will inspire our own unique design by taking a minute to enjoy these images.


1. Start with the most important component of the bedroom – The bed.
Make sure that you choose a bed that is the right size for your room. It should not be too big or too small.


A general rule of thumb would be to make sure there is at least 2’ for circulation on the sides and foot of the bed.

Once you have decided on the size of bed you want the designs to choose from are endless. Whether you prefer manufactured board, solid timber, wrought iron or even brick & cement, you are sure to be able to find a bed that will suit your taste.

2. Once you have your bed sorted move on to the next step; choosing the other furniture that you need for your bedroom.
If you are able to afford a Bedroom Furniture Set then all units in your room will match seamlessly. However don’t worry if this option is out of your budget. Once the bed has been selected you can mix & match the remaining furniture to the bed. You can use colour or a particular type of material or finish to match the items creating a look that is unique to you.
The basic units that you need are a bedside table, wardrobe & dressing table. If you have a large room you can also add an arm chair or bed-end-bench. You could even use a decorative screen to separate your room in to two, with a sleeping area that has your bed & a dressing area with your wardrobe & dressing table.

3. Now that all your furniture has been selected you can focus on bringing the look together with Accessories & Colour.
Start by painting your room in a soothing colour that you love. If you prefer a dark colour like black or a vibrant one like red, consider painting one wall only as an accent. This way you can include your favourite colour while making sure the room is not too dark, warm or difficult to live in!
When the painting is done place your furniture in a way that is pleasing to the eye & functional as per your needs – remember this space is a sanctuary for you.
Next you should focus on making your bedroom comfortable. Invest in good bed linen & bed cushions. Select a bedside lamp that has a dimmer switch to allow for a soft soothing glow when you need to relax & a bright light for when you need to read. Place plush carpets beside your bed so you can start your day with a comfortable step. Make your room more personal by hanging pictures or photographs – they will add colour & character to your room. To ensure that you can rest well select curtains that will help blackout the light during day time. This will make daytime napping infinitely more relaxing.


With these simple steps you can create your dream bedroom, but if the task still seems too much of a hassle head over to the link below & let us help you create your dream bedroom in no time!

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