Who are we?

We are two friends, who met at the beginning of university & went on to become work partners, study partners & finally business partners. Together we worked pretty hard to achieve a personal & professional milestones; passing out at the top of our class with a B.A. in Interior Architecture [Offered by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia together with NSBM, Sri Lanka] & being selected as ‘The Best Upcoming Interns’ while we completed our internship at MSN Architects. Together we decided to take a step in a somewhat risky direction by starting up our own Interior Design Firm – Friends Interior Arc; now up & running for the past 2 years!

What do we do?

The general understanding in Sri Lanka is that Interior Design is an elusive, high end service that can only be utilized by either the very wealthy or for large projects such as Hotels, Apartments & luxury Offices. We strive to change this by showing you that interior design can be utilized by almost everyone, whatever the budget. It goes without saying that if you have an bottomless budget the range of option available to you will be limitless; BUT if you are on a strict budget & want to make your space look more aesthetic & practical there are ways & means to do so without breaking a bank. From DIY’s to low budget makeovers of existing furniture a small change done correctly can make world’s difference, instantly transforming a space from ‘so-so’ to downright amazing. Through Friend’s Interior Arc we hope to achieve this goal, creating spaces that suit your budget to create a functional & aesthetically pleasing room, home or office. You can check out some of our projects as well as a complete scope of our services by following the link at the end of this post!
Through this blog, we hope to take away some of the mystery & elusiveness that surrounds interior design, showing you how simple things can make a huge difference in your home or office. It is a collection of ideas that we have compiled as well as DIY’s & ideas we have sourced through many, many hours of research that you too could try if you have time in your hands. Basically, this blog is like a pin-up board that we put up our ideas, thoughts & inspirations on which we hope will also give you an insight in to this world of design that we love so dearly. We hope you too grow to love the beauty of a well-planned, artistically designed space as much as we do & that you in turn realise that interior design doesn’t always have to be extremely expensive.