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Colour in Interiors

Colours can make or break the atmosphere of any room. Chosen wisely colour can make any space look inviting & aesthetically pleasing in no time. In general as visual beings humans are greatly affected by colour; with certain colours creating different moods & feelings within us. Each colour has its very own psychology based on how it affects us & understanding this is key to ensuring you choose the correct colours for any space. Colours can be active, passive or neutral. Light colours are expansive and airy while dark colours are sophisticated and can make a space feel smaller. As such it is vital that you choose colours carefully, making sure you balance the colours you like with the type of colour the space needs in order to make it a pleasant space.

How Can You Use Colours in Your Rooms?

When it comes to using colour many people limit themselves to considering only the walls. While walls do take up the largest area of a room it’s important to ensure that you consider all the elements & components of the room when you are deciding on a colour scheme. You can incorporate colour to your rooms through wall paints, window treatments, furniture, ceiling finishes, floor finishes & accessories; remember, however small or big each individual component is each will have a significant impact on the final outcome.

A Few Basic Colours & Their Impact on Rooms…

Brown: Brown is natural & can create a sense of security and stability. Brown adds depth and warmth.

White: White is refreshing and clean often used to create an airy appearance, quiet and pure. White will make a room will feel more spacious and open.

Red: Red is the colour of passion, danger and strength. It stimulates and excites & can be warm and inviting & is best suited for social rooms.

Blue: Blue creates a soothing sense of serenity and peace however too much blue can be depressing. Blue ca create a cool and clear look & is perfect for rooms that are generally warm.

Green: Green is considered the most restful colour for the eye. It is restorative, mind-clearing and encourages composure & also creates an outdoorsy, natural feel.

Orange: Orange is a very exciting colour. It creates energy and enthusiasm & can also stimulate your appetite. It’s a great colour to exercise around & is suitable for dining rooms & kids areas.

Yellow: Yellow gives a bright and optimistic air to your rooms. It brightens your mood and increases your energy & is cheerful, friendly and airy.


A Few Tips & Tricks!

  • A general rule of the thumb is to use darker colours for the floor, medium colours for the walls and light colours for the ceiling, although this can be changed wisely & accordingly.
  • Use colour to create an accent wall.
  • Highlight architectural features such as Mouldings with bold colours to add sophistication to a space.
  • Use accessories to add a splash of colour to a pale room or to neutralize a too bright room.
  • Use a mix of light & dark shades to create a beautiful balance in your room.
  • Use colours you love to add a touch of individuality to your rooms.
  • Consider the usage of the room & choose colours that compliment it.


Our take on this:

While colour is a reflection of your own personality, smothering a room in your favourite colour is definitely not the best way to go. Often it is best to use more than one colour or to at least use several shades of one colour to create a space that is suitable for everyone. Remember you are not the only one who will spend time in your home or office. With the advice of an Interior Designer, a few small changes in terms of colour can create a world of difference to any room. Take a look at some of our projects to see how we use colour to create truly unique spaces!


Hiring an Interior Designer

Since we are Interior Designers, it’s only natural that our first post is going to be about Hiring an Interior Designer. Yes, our blog will teach you about many ways in which you yourself can create better spaces, but there will be times when hiring a designer will be the better option; after all we have been extensively trained to create spaces that are efficient, practical & aesthetic. This post guides you through what to expect & when to hire a designer so that you can decide for yourself whether or not to proceed with hiring a professional…

Why should you hire an Interior Designer?

If you are planning to build a home or an office the time, money & care you spend on ensuring that the building is well executed is immense. The same amount of care & thought should go in to the interior aspects of your space as well. By budgeting for & hiring an Interior Designer, your home or office can be transformed in to a functional yet beautiful space that is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. Not only when building brand new spaces when it comes to renovating & redesigning as well this remains the same. Whether it’s your home, your office or simply just one room that you want to change, redesigning and redecorating isn’t always easy. With so many options available in terms of paint colours, fabrics, furniture and accessories it is quite easy to get carried away & end up making costly mistakes. A simple mistake like choosing the wrong shade of paint to go on your walls can make the space difficult to live in. An Interior designer is a professional with a trained eye who can almost automatically detect if there is something wrong or right with a space. This together with the knowledge they have gained related to budgeting & planning will ensure that an Interior Designer is able to help you create your dream space with minimum hassle; so hire an Interior designer the next time you want to renovate or redecorate to keep costs low & achieve maximum results!

What does an Interior Designer do?

An interior designer is one step above a interior decorator, in the sense that they will design and decorate your home or office, taking into account what the space is used for and how to best use it. An interior Designer deals with the space, layout, architectural elements, project management, construction management, lighting plans, specifications, furniture and accessories on a budget and within a time frame.

When should you hire an Interior Designer?

One of the biggest questions potential clients have is when they should bring in an Interior Designer to their projects. If you are starting to build from scratch, the earlier you speak to an Interior Designer the better. This way the Designer can work parallel to the architect and save a lot of time & money for the client. For example by deciding on a design early on, the lighting points, electrical outlets etc. can be determined which means they can be put in during construction which is more cost effective & practical instead of having to move/shift them around after. When it comes to renovations & redesigning as well the earlier you hire your Interior Designer the better your results will be. In short, the best time to hire an Interior Designer is always at the beginning of a project, this way you can avoid mistakes that can often be costly.

How much will it cost me?

The cost of hiring an Interior Designer will depend on many variables, such as the size of the space & the scope of work needed. This is largely due to the fact that although it may seem like a small task there are a range of backend actions that an Interior Designer has to go through in order to create a design for you. From space planning to colour selection, furniture design to lighting & many more the amount of work that goes in to planning an entire space is quite large, this is all weighed in when the Interior Designer decides on a fee for a design. Implementation & project management is another part of this that takes time & involves many aspects from budgeting to management & liaising with a range of contractors & vendors. With all of this in mind an Interior Designer’s fee will vary from project to project, as the cost will reflect the amount of work that needs to be put in.

Our take on this:

While all of the above may be acceptable to some, there are many Sri Lankans who would not wish to spend a large sum on hiring a professional Interior Designer for an entire remodel or design project. With this in mind we at Friends Interior Arc have come up with a budget friendly system that allows you to gain a certain level of advice & consultancy depending on your budget. Follow the link below to find out more about this system & see how we can help you create your dream space with ease without having to spend millions.


Friends Interior Arc

Who are we?

We are two friends, who met at the beginning of university & went on to become work partners, study partners & finally business partners. Together we worked pretty hard to achieve a personal & professional milestones; passing out at the top of our class with a B.A. in Interior Architecture [Offered by Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia together with NSBM, Sri Lanka] & being selected as ‘The Best Upcoming Interns’ while we completed our internship at MSN Architects. Together we decided to take a step in a somewhat risky direction by starting up our own Interior Design Firm – Friends Interior Arc; now up & running for the past 2 years!

What do we do?

The general understanding in Sri Lanka is that Interior Design is an elusive, high end service that can only be utilized by either the very wealthy or for large projects such as Hotels, Apartments & luxury Offices. We strive to change this by showing you that interior design can be utilized by almost everyone, whatever the budget. It goes without saying that if you have an bottomless budget the range of option available to you will be limitless; BUT if you are on a strict budget & want to make your space look more aesthetic & practical there are ways & means to do so without breaking a bank. From DIY’s to low budget makeovers of existing furniture a small change done correctly can make world’s difference, instantly transforming a space from ‘so-so’ to downright amazing. Through Friend’s Interior Arc we hope to achieve this goal, creating spaces that suit your budget to create a functional & aesthetically pleasing room, home or office. You can check out some of our projects as well as a complete scope of our services by following the link at the end of this post!
Through this blog, we hope to take away some of the mystery & elusiveness that surrounds interior design, showing you how simple things can make a huge difference in your home or office. It is a collection of ideas that we have compiled as well as DIY’s & ideas we have sourced through many, many hours of research that you too could try if you have time in your hands. Basically, this blog is like a pin-up board that we put up our ideas, thoughts & inspirations on which we hope will also give you an insight in to this world of design that we love so dearly. We hope you too grow to love the beauty of a well-planned, artistically designed space as much as we do & that you in turn realise that interior design doesn’t always have to be extremely expensive.


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